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When in 1992 “Bravo Music of America”, Coral Gables, Florida, published an album with several opera arias sung by soprano Adelaida Negri, the success was so impressive, that they created the Label “Ornamenti”, offering complete operas Live with Negri in the cast.
“Newornamenti” now continues and multiplies the offer, adding other digitalized recordings, in which famous Opera Singers share casts with her, and also recent performances in DVD PAL, showing the strength of her artistry on scene.
Adelaida Negri is having a very long career. From the beginning in Teatro Colón in her native Buenos Aires, in 1973 till these days, when she is adding new roles to her already long list of characters, and at the same time, promoting young singers.
See: www.casadelaopera.com.ar
Since her debut at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York in 1982 as “Norma” and after performing three consecutive Seasons at the Met, her name, well known already in Europe due to her versatility, spread out among Opera lovers.
See: www.adelaidanegri.com
Commercial discography did not make justice to this voice. It can only be heard in Live recordings. We are constantly receiving them from fans, sometimes using home equipments, and after digitalization, they sound acceptable.
The interpreter, with her distinctive voice and temperament, is beyond tecnological limitations, and worth to be remembered in the future.